August 16, 2018

IOS Software Engineer

Role: IOS Software Engineer

Contract Type: Permanent

Primary Skill: Mobile IOS Development

Job Level: Intermediate Experienced

Qualification Required: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent

Location: Sandton

Skills and Experience:

iOS software engineers who are excited by technology and who would like to apply for this position should have demonstrable experience and ideally have specific capacity with regards to the following:

• You must have strong experience in iOS or Android
• You must have at least 2 years of experience developing mobile application
• Experience in UI & respect for pixel-perfect design
• Have published one or more applications in the Android/iOS marketplace
• Be well-versed in client/server architectures 
• A good understanding of algorithms and data structures
• Passionate about end-to-end user experiences 
• You are expected to have a solid understanding of web technologies, and the fundamentals of software engineering

Key Accountabilities:

You will need to have the capabilities of assisting others in the team with their challenges and assisting with the best solutions.
You will work in a team of developers, liaising with project managers, business analysts and testers working in an Agile software development methodology.
You will be required to manage and complete tasks within the required time frame and to a very high standard.
Provides support service when required constant monitoring and update of production environment
Identify and reports trends where appropriate
Investigate reasons for critical problems
Updates logging system daily with accurate time and status of current work log for development and incidents

Must have:

  • Solid Objective-C knowledge
  • Solid experience with OCMock and XCTest
  • Solid Interface Builder experience
  • UIKit
  • CoreGraphics
  • Familiar with the Apple UX and UI design guidelines
  • Familiar with the design patterns in the IOS SDK and when to apply them

Preference given to candidates with:

  • Strong experience with UIKit APIs like UITableViewController and UICollectionViewController
  • Advanced Objective-C experience with delegates, protocols, categories, blocks and other language constructs
  • Solid understanding of OO concepts
  • Experience with Cocoa Pods
  • Git

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