The three do’s and don’ts of creating momentum for organisational wide programme delivery

Over the course of my 14 years experience, I have been responsible for the implementation of large-scale programmes and have developed a checklist of the do’s and don’ts.

  1. Do network across all layers of the organisation. The strategic managers and programme managers are not going to do the work you need to implement.  Staff buy-in of your strategy is critical to implementation and adoption success.
  2. Do keep your word around expectations from inception through to close out of the programme. If you anticipate that timelines won’t be met, proactively communicate this to all relevant stakeholders. More often than not, if they understand the issues at hand, they may be more willing to negotiate an extended timeline.
  3. Do use the right team players. Before any programme starts that will impact on an organisation, interview the staff that will form part of your team.  It is a time for growth, and opportunities for anyone involved in enterprise implementations. Ensure the team players on your project have the capacity and emotional maturity to grow without impacting the deliverable at hand.  If not, you’re setting yourself, the organisation and that specific individual up for failure.
  4. Don’t involve too many team players if you don’t have to. A small team can make as big or in fact bigger impact than a large team. Co-ordination, communication and driving a shared behaviour and culture becomes easier.
  5. Don’t allow pride to stand in your way of delivery. Should there be any issues in a programme, and delivery by the due date seems impossible, develop a solution and present the options of staying on the one path or changing direction.  The only time a programme is likely to fail under your watch, is if you don’t do the work.
  6. Don’t be alarmed or detracted from your goal when the adversaries come out. Trust me, they will come out. There will always be someone who feels they can do it better, faster and with better results.   Don’t get caught up in the personal  – you’re there because you’re the best person for the job.  Keep moving, keep delivering. Your delivery will be your winning point.

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